About Me


Before moving to Port Huron I spent summers at a cottage on the River nearly half way between Algonac and Marine City.I didn’t know about ship watching then, I just watched them.From the vantage point of our cottage I could see from Russell Island to the Edison Plant South of St. Clair.

This was the only part of the River where ships were allowed to overtake slower freighters and passing meant signaling with the whistles.  Laying in bed at night my favorite moments occurred when two southbound ships met two northbound ships.Typically, one of the fleet would be overtaking another ship and there would be a lot of signaling as they closed on one another.  Trying to figure out what was happening in the dark of night made my evenings.

My love of the River and the excitement over the shipping began on those nights and continue half a century later.

Enjoy your visit to the St. Clair River!

Please make any inquiries to    Larry Mobbs